Clicker Heroes
Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Play the highly acclaimed idle adventure and tap your way to victory!

Android Android 5.0Role Playing
4.3 ( 803 ratings )
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Name Clicker Heroes
Publisher Playsaurus
Genre Role Playing
Size 51
Version 2.7.1
Update June 12, 2020
MOD Unlimited Money
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Mod Version 2.7.1
Total installs 5,000,000
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Content Rating Everyone 10+
Clicker Heroes is the most famous version in the Clicker Heroes series of publisher Playsaurus

Welcome to the virtual world of epic battles, mythical creatures and unlimited treasures! If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming an invincible hero right at your fingertips, then hang on tight as we delve into the fascinating universe of Clicker Heroes Apk Mod. This article explores the adrenaline-pumping action game that offers access to limitless wealth in a mystical setting full of formidable adversaries. With its addictive gameplay and stellar graphics, Clicker Heroes is like no other role-playing game you have experienced before. So forget about the constraints of real life for a moment and immerse yourself in this enchanting realm where every click can bring you closer to unimaginable wealth.

Epic Idle RPG Adventure

Epic Idle RPG Adventure not only gives you the thrill of immersive RPG worlds but also the serenity of idle games. Clicker Heroes lets you dive into numerous worlds filled with attractive mythical beasts and astounding monsters. The more damage you deal, the more gold coins you accumulate – leading to upgrades for your heroes and their abilities. That’s right; it’s an epic hero journey that unfolds at your pace.

Idling has never felt this rewarding before! One of the incredible aspects of Clicker Heroes is its aptitude to reward even idleness. As bizarre as it sounds, even when you are offline or away from this real-time platform, there’s still some action happening. Your heroes relentlessly battle monsters round against the clock, collecting treasures on your behalf. And upon return? You’re welcomed back with a bounty! Now think about it; who wouldn’t want to hop into such a profitable adventure? Get clicking, conquer beastly creatures with taps, sit back and watch your power grow exponentially in this Epic Idle RPG Adventure!

Heroic Recruitment

Navigating into the realm of Clicker Heroes Apk Mod, immersing yourself into a captivating journey demands the recruitment of heroic figures. In this realm, recruiting heroes isn’t just about in-game achievements; it mirrors significant life values too. It symbolizes team-building and craftsmanship geared towards efficiency and effectiveness.

However, here’s where things get fascinating – the pool of unlimited money with our mod opens up an exhilarating dynamic to this process. The best players are no longer distant figures; they’re within your grasp. This strategic aspect empowers gamers to devise innovative recruitment strategies, sketching their narrative powerfully within the world of Clicker Heroes Apk Mod – a game changer indeed!

Ancients and Ascendancy

The mystic realm of Ancients and Ascendancy goes beyond just acquiring unlimited money in Clicker Heroes Apk Mod. It’s a riveting plunge into an ancient civilization, harnessing power to the brink of divine ascendancy. A world where each tap on your screen connects you directly with these long-forgotten titans, enabling you to delve deeper into uncharted territories and become a part of this exhilarating saga.

Each Ancient you meet is valuable, not only for their abilities but also as stepping stones towards ascendancy – the ultimate prize that enables transdimensional prowess. Imagine being able to rewrite the very fabric of your Clicker Heroes universe at will! Unlocking such transcendental powers promises exponential progression, transforming every gaming session into an engrossingly immersive experience. The fusion between ancients and ascendancy truly encapsulates the heart-throbbing excitement that comes with infinite possibilities—making this one mod worth exploring in depth.

Clan Battles and Immortals

The feature which sets Clicker Heroes apart from other games in the genre is the Clan Battles. Huddle with your clan members, fine-tune your strategies, and prepare to wage war against the terrifying Immortals. The path to victory will be arduous as these mighty beings are rumored to possess powers that transcend mortal comprehension – represent a riveting challenge even for the most accomplished gamers.

Clan Battles also open up a unique avenue within Clicker Heroes; they go beyond linear gameplay and foster community spirit among gamers worldwide. Yet, it’s not just about battling alongside your comrades. The real thrill lies in defeating powerful Immortals and reaping spoils of unlimited money, augmenting your game character and unlocking new possibilities within this intricately designed virtual universe!

Multiplayer Mayhem

Unleashing the chaos, Multiplayer Mayhem in Clicker Heroes Apk Mod infuses an electrifying dynamic like no other multiplayer gaming experience. It’s not just about the rush as your digit dances on that screen with ferocious speed, it’s the exhilarating uncertainty of combined strategy and serendipity. Your enemies are invisible giants residing thousands of miles away yet drawn arm’s length close through a shared battlefield. How you choose to handle each varying power increases or diminishes your standing.

Battles in this mode aren’t only waged against other insatiable clickers but also against time – a relentless opponent. The unrestrained fun escalates the more you engage; tap faster, strategize smarter and spend wisely to reign supreme. Witness how a simple strategy game transforms into an intensely captivating war zone with every click invested. With unlimited money mod feature turned on, it becomes less of survival and more about supremacy – rewriting the unwritten laws within this milieu of multiplayer mayhem.

Clicker Heroes Patch 1.0e12 is now available! Team up with your clan and battle the new Immortals for more rewards every day!


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