FAU-G INDIAN APP All You Need To Now

by ansari, Monday, 13 December 2021 (2 years ago)
FAU-G INDIAN APP All You Need To Now

FAU-G released on 26 Jan 2021 after PUBG banded. In INDIA by Studio n core release this game. This is an online multiplayer game made in India. There is a story mood where you can eliminate the enemy. And move to the next level at release in this game. You don’t have guns, but you can use hand weapons. You can use your hand to eliminate enemies.

FAU-G Gameplay

Since this game made for Android and IOS. The graphic of this game is good. Control is also nice but not the best compare to PUBG. The game stories nice you can enjoy playing the game. Where you are Punjabi character. Which is the Army of India and you have eliminated the enemy.

There is a reward section when you complete its campaign you get some coins. That helps you to either buy or upgrade weapons. You can also customize your weapons in FAU-G

Have you played the first mission it took me 20 to 30 minutes to complete this first mission? That is all provided by the game that means we complete the game in 30 minutes. There is nothing else to play the game came only store mode found.

You can also play this game in TDM since this game released for android. You can use emulator like TDM to play in windows.

Steps To Download FAU-G Game Global

  1. Download the app from the official link.
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Run and enjoy playing games.


Both are multiplayer games also having Battle Royale in both games. You need internet in order to play both games. Battle Royale does not release in FAU-G but in PUBG. Battle Royale comes with an early release. In FAU-G you don’t have guns till now but in PUBG. You have a gun as well as hand weapons. Both games support online purchases you can buy in India also. PUBG has different types of maps and different types of games. We can play with friends but in FAU-G till now we don’t have any multiplayer games. In PUBG, we can play a hundred at once in FAU-G since the game not fully release I think then we don’t have any multiplayer till now.


There is a story mood and Battle Royale. This game came, but Battle Royale is still not released. Because of that many people hate this game including me. after PUBG banned we expect more from FAU-G. In this game release, we don’t see any of the expected things inside the game. We only found hand-to-hand combat and hand weapon combat.


This is not what we expected we need weapons like PUBG. We like to play Battle Royale with multiplayer games. We like story mode, but we also need guns inside the game. Without guns, it’s useless to play a game now a day. We want action in this game may be in the next update. They will add a new feature that we like in the game

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