Ghost runner Everything You Need To Know

by ansari, Monday, 13 December 2021 (2 years ago)
Ghost runner Everything You Need To Know

Ghost runner is an offline role-play game release on 6 May 2020. This game made by One More Level and their team. They make it available for PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox. This game is like an assassin you can run on a wall using a sword and instant moves like an assassin creed.

The gameplay of Ghost runner

The game starts in a cyber void where time. Fixed for you to understand what happens. There is an AI to protect that tower and help. You to gather information about what to do. There you called ghost runner that is no 74. You lost your memory so AI told. You have come from Dharma city to districts and you were falling, and you survive. Your task is to stop a cruel person. There is a key master try to take control of this tower. She kills Tower developer and became the ruler of the tower. That cause more problem to handle. After you died this AI helps you to gain heed, but you are not function.

Like ghost runners so they no help you to know what happens. You can walk on the wall during the fight. You can use a gun to pull yourself to any wall. Furthermore, you also need to eliminate the enemy while running. There are lots of effects you can see during the run. You can slow time that is the unique feature you can see. If you are dead then you come back from a checkpoint that is normal. While playing some person contact you and give advice on what you need to do next. Try to be away from the red-light area that will kill you instantly. There are lots of devices that you need to interact with to open the next way. There are several ways to meet your destination.

Tips for Ghost runner

If you are a beginner in ghost runner then these tips help. You to learn game faster and gain unique skills. While playing the game you can found different ways.

1. While running always move your mouse and try to use gun.

During the run, you need to control a mouse that will help you to move faster. You encounter an enemy attack, and it will slow down enemy movement. You can also use multiple skills during battle.

2. During run always watch of enemy and use dash to on time slow mode.

At running, the enemy will attack you try to use dash mode. Use the dash button to slow downtime and get time to attack the enemy fast. You can also use combo moves during slow timers.

3. Use bullet deflection technique when your dash is in cool down timer.

Not only you can slow timer, but you can encounter bullet. You can use your weapons to deflect bullets. There is a method like a hold dash and do hop and jump from the ground.

4. Try to use multiple methods like slide, dash, gun and jump.

During each fight, you need to repeatedly move. Or the enemy might get the accurate target. That will kill you instantly so try to use a slide, jump and use a gun to move fast.

5. During combat try to use wall run that help you to eliminate faster.

At running you need to walk on wall that help you to kill enemy faster. It helps you to be safe and make ways to enemy. You can confuse AI while running on wall. Like assassins you can attack from behind.

6. Always try new ways to run.

This will help you to discover unknown ways and help. There are multiple ways where you can find that lead to your enemy. You to eliminate the enemy in many ways.

7. Chose different path while running.

There are different paths while running either it will give. Your unique skill or danger zone might kill you. But it is worth trying to get something in return.

8. Try different specials you have.

During gameplay, you receive multiple specials so remember. To use them they can kill multiple enemies instantly. If you are lucky you can even eliminate a group of people during the run. There are multiple types of enemy that is hard to kill. With this skill, you can cut them with no problems.

Ghost runner System Requirement

Ghost runner requires more than 22 GB of space with a high-end PC. To play in 60 fps you need either NVIDIA GTX 1050 / AMD RX graphic card. For the high-end game, you require a high-end PC. You can also play this game in 30 fps but trust me. It’s not worth playing in 30 fps you need a better PC. If you want to enjoy playing this game. if you want to build your own PC to play this game. Please read below the Ghost runner pc requirements.

CPUI5 2nd gen / AMD Phenom III7 6th gen / AMD Ryzen 5
Disk space22 GB22 GB
Graphics cardNVIDIA GTX 1050 / AMD RXNVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 5700
Shader pixel5.15.1

Review Of Ghost runner

Playing this game we can say this game graphic is awesome. They are running on the wall is well good. But when you use a gun then there is a light beam that is awesome. If you eliminate someone you see blood as well. Their body part falling that effect is awesome. Auto construction of the building is awesome that effect is something. During the walk, it starts construction with music and environment. You Sound quality is awesome you can hear in multiple directions. Using keys there are several effects that take place that we love to watch. If you want to take a look at their official site click here.


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