Plants vs Zombie 3 All You Need To Know

by ansari, Saturday, 11 December 2021 (2 years ago)
Plants vs Zombie 3 All You Need To Know
Plants vs zombie 3 are an online game released in Feb 2020. This game Released for android, window, Xbox. You need to eliminate zombies with a rival team. You can choose different plants to stop zombies to reach your home. Furthermore, you need to stop zombies, or they will reach your home and game over. This game released in a different version so everyone can play.


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Plants vs Zombie 3 All You Need To Know
This game starts from the town area where you fund zombies. We enjoy playing this game where you start from 0 levels. Then move to a higher level. You can level up your plants so, they can eliminate zombies. In this game, you have a fast play button to speed up gameplay. You can also upgrade plants.This game is 3d which makes better gameplay. You can help different areas and eliminate zombies. In this game, plants can be captured by zombies. With each win, you get some stars out of 4. With each win you get quotes like zombies to eat your brain things.Effect of this game is awesome. Graphic is good. Sound quality is awesome. You love playing this game.

Plants vs Zombie 3 For PC

Since this game builds for android you need to download Android Emulator. Using a different emulator you can play this game in Windows.

Steps To Install Plants vs Zombie 3

  1. Download Android Emulator
  2. Install Android Emulator
  3. Login in with your Google account
  4. Download app from the play store
  5. It will automatically install so open or run the game.

Tips for Plants vs Zombie 3

  • Wisely choose plant location sine this makes the game easier to complete
  • First, place sunflower and add basic. Wait for the timer then place another high-level plant.
  • Try to use a wall-nut that will help. You to block the enemy attacks and make a strong defense.
  • Don’t forget to activate free boost after watching ads. This game is free to play, so they have ads.
  • There is a limit to watch ads per day so be careful to watch all-day ads.
  • You can also dominate others playing online PVP. There are lots of players playing this game.
  • Try to play daily and complete as much as tasks.


Playing this game we can say the graphic is not bad compare to the previous version. There are lots of improvements that make this game tricky. You must defend your house against the zombie horde. They try to destroy your house, so plants help you to stop them. The game concept is awesome sound quality is also good. You can feel the quality of sound and environment. Each plant has a unique ability that helps you. Even zombies start from low to high. Low can be easily eliminated but in high they move faster. Try to use your plant carefully.


Playing this game we love the effect of actions. We recommended you try yourself to get a better experience. Since the game is simple and all you need to do is place the plant in right place. So zombie can’t reach your home When zombie reaches your home game over.If you like ansari gaming blog please comment below.

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