Pokémon Go Everything You Need to Know

by ansari, Monday, 13 December 2021 (2 years ago)
Pokémon Go Everything You Need to Know

Pokémon Go is a multiplayer online game. Players need to play in a group. You have different tasks either catch Pokémon. Or you can defeat team rocket while playing the game. This game is fun while playing in a group. This game developed for android/IOS you must-have mobile phone. To play this game which releases In 2016 by the Pokémon Go company.

How to play Pokémon Go?

Lots of people playing this game on mobile devices. Where you can add friends, and you have different Poké balls. Like poke ball, great ball, and ultra ball. We start the game you can see a little map. The creature found in your surroundings when you click them. In a tab, a creature pops up in your environment. Where you need to draw a Poké ball throw it until you catch a Pokémon. You have a limited number of balls so use them carefully. You can try your different location based on location. There are different creatures spotted. There is just a chance you can find shiny creatures. Different Poke stops where you can spin and get some poke ball, berry, and potion.


In this game, you have a different raid. Different type of Pokémon is found in the gym. You must gather different players in order to succeed. In each fight, you can bring your friends. The number of people more the chance of success is more. In the raid, you can have a legendary Pokémon Dragon-type that is interesting.

Character in Pokémon

In-game, you have two characters male and female. Both are the same you can customize your character. And take a buddy Pokémon you can change your name. You can change your team once I year if you purchase a team medallion.

Pokémon Gym:

In Gym, you have different places where you can give your Pokémon to the gym. To defend it lots of people come and try to beat your buddy. And place their buddy in order to get some coins you have 50 coin limits per day. You can place 6 Pokémon from the different players but at the same table.


There are three teams in Pokémon Go blue, red, and yellow. Each team has a number of players you can join. But the same team of your friend helps you to grow faster.


There are three types of potion simple, hyper, and max. A simple person gives you 20hp Hyper potion gives you 200hp.  And max person gives you complete HP.

Max Revive

This item help you to revive and max HP of your Pokémon.

Lucky Egg

This item help you to earn or double your XP while playing for 30 minutes. With the help of this item you can level up fast.


This item is unique used to attract a Pokémon in your location. For 60 minute it attract specific creature to your location.


This item helps you to take a photo and share it with your friends. In the camera mode, you need to place a mobile toward a flat surface. Then there dot line will appear where you need to throw your Pokémon. And after Pokémon a pair you can capture a photo, and you can share it with your friends.


This item is nothing special, but you can attach it to a gift. You try to send it to your friends. There are different types of stickers you can get during the poke stop.

Rare Candy

In Pokémon Go, you have different types of Pokémon which need Candy. In order to level up, or you can say power-up. This item helps you to get those candies from any buddy. You can convert the rare Candy to any buddy candy.


This item allows you to send free items to any friends. You can either give or take from your friends. There is a limit per day I think one per friend.

Rocket radar

With the help of this item, you can search your area for a team rocket. Where you can fight with Team rocket and save infected Pokémon.

Berry in Pokémon

There is nanab, pinap, golden, silver berry. Each has a unique feature nanab helps you to calm Pokémon. Pinap helps you to receive Candy when you catch a creature. Golden makes it easier to catch a creature. Silver help to come and catch a creature also get Candy.


pokémon go everything you need to know
Pokémon Go Everything You Need to Know

In Pokémon, you have to different types of an incubator. One is ultimate and another which you can purchase from the store.  You can place your egg inside the incubator and each time you move. Pokémon will hatch until it reaches its kilometer. The incubator helps you to hatch buddy.

Mega Evolve Pokémon

This is the new type of creature where your buddy can evolve further. For a limited amount of time, you can power up your buddy. There are different types of a raid where you can find Mega evolve Pokémon. You need to have Mega energy in order to Mega Evolve. The first time it required 200 Mega energy. After that, you required only 40 for each time.

Review of Pokémon

I am playing Pokémon since 2019 at first it’s hard to play. You don’t have many friends who love to play after getting lots of friends. This raid is enjoyable you have lots of fun. You found lots of friends at the gym. You also need to work with friends to find a different poke stop. And Spin at poke stop to get some items. I usually send gifts to my friend and ask for gifts. We fight at the gym together and place our buddy at the gym to get 50 coins a day. Mostly in the evening we walk to different locations and catch different Pokémon. Playing together we have lots of fun. If you are a beginner then don’t worry you will find some friends. Who loves to play and enjoy this game together.


You might need to travel to a different location. There is a chance to you forget about your surrounding. So what’s ahead what is coming. Play a game while focusing on your surrounding. Or this will may not go well always watch where are you going. That might be another property where you might not be allowed. Don’t go crazy about Pokémon it’s just again so play for fun.

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